A motorised surfboard to fulfil your thirst for adrenaline. Although you can choose the Jetsurf Titanium RS for its manoeuvrability and speed, you might also enjoy our Jetsurf Adventure for leisurely and longer trips. Our entire Jetsurf and its fins are made of carbon fiber to deliver the most advanced surfboard manufactured thoroughly to answer the competitions needs of water sports. While surfers and experienced paddlers may easily master the Jetsurf, beginners can also familiarize themselves with it quite quickly. Discover our brand of aquatic sports. If you doubt your Jetsurf skills, we can provide private lessons. Feel free to call us (hypertexte: affichage du numéro) for more information.

Electric :

Ride eco-friendly over the water with the Electric Jetsurf. Enjoy the Race Jetsurf advantages with the RACE chassis. The board is manoeuvrable and the top speed is 55km/h, or 34,2mph. It has got the longest riding time on the market, lasting up to 75 minutes. Equipped with double straps that hold both Regular and Goofy.

Adventure DFI :

The latest Adventure Jetsurf unifies :

  • the most stable hull to offer a peaceful ride even on the waves.
  • the most advanced DFI technology engine.
  • click on / click off fins to provide a tool-less user experience.
Equipped with double straps that hold both Regular and Goofy.

Race :

For those who seek adrenaline without competition (hypertexte : redirection titanium). The agile board will let you ride the sea in whatever way you’d like. Equipped with either Regular or Goofy.

Titanium :

The Titanium DFI was designed to be the best performer of the motorized surfboard industry. With a new hull shape, the board allows you to ride up to 64km/h. This board delivers the highest performance through the JetPump tunnel that produces extra downforce and increases water flow. It is used in competitions. The Titanium model is newly powered by the DFI Engine technology – the most powerful and reliable unit in the world of motorized surfing

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